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Standard TViX PVR-2200 Firmware 1.5.4

Model Support :
TViX PVR R-2200 , TViX PVR R-2210 , TViX PVR R-2230

The upgrade procedure takes less than 3 minutes.
[ How to upgrade the Firmware]

Bellow are the changes from firmware version 1.3.8
1. Fix the analog TV scanning problem in Russia, Malaysia and South Africa.
2. Avoid the H.264 channel scanning both DVB-T and ATSC.
3. Improve the channel alignments digital cable mode in ATSC (QAM)
4. Fix the Russian file name problem when manually schedule to record.
5. Improve DTV EPG (enable 7 days EPG showing/ invalid filename entering when scheduled to record)
6. Fix the incorrect time-shifting duration problem in ATSC.
7. Start DTV channels scanning as soon as intermediate stop of analog TV channels scanning.
8. Increase the overall stability & reliability of system and PVR functions.

[Multimedia Player/ Others]
1. Support smart DVD navigation option on the SETUP-MISC.
2. Support DVD bookmark function just like other .AVI/ .MPG files. This is a good feature for DVD jukebox users.
3. Support DVD chapter navigation by number key in remote.
4. Fix the USB connection problem with many MP3 players.
5. Fix the SEAGATE 2.5” 320G/ 500G booting problem.
6. Fix the menu language truncation problems in Russian and French.
7. Support Wi-Fi USB dongle. (Fix the Wi-Fi detachment problem when certain time-elapsed/ Improve the stability after DTV mode)
8. Fix the Australian PAL DVD jukebox problem (stuttering & mosaic)
9. Support HDMI AUDIO on/off in SETUP
10. Fix the subtitle blinking problem in 120Hz title
11. Supports DTS wav audio format.
12. Fix the reset problem of size and location of subtitle.
13. Improve the bookmark function (You can select next file by “NEXT” button on the remote./ Bookmark will be erased as well if you erase the file)
14. Fix the rebooting problem when you select the extended partition of external USB hard-drive.
15. Fix the minor OSD bugs.

[PVR PART Known Issues]
1. Audio can be muted when you switching audios several times in DVB-T.
2. Editing channel list (Re-arrangement of channel list) function is not supported yet at this version.
[Multimedia Player/SYSTEM PART Known Issues]
1. Do not support multiple subtitles in movie files. (Only 1st subtitle will be displayed)
2. GOTO function on some recorded stream will not properly work. (This will be definitely fixed on next release)
3. HDMI audio may come-out even though you set it “OFF” mode when changing TV resolution by “TV-OUT” button on remote.
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